Wessex Elesse Luxury Home Lift

Elesse Luxury Stairlift Alternative - Compact, Comfortable, Customisable

The Elesse is synonymous with quality. Its design stems from a frustration with the drawbacks stair lifts unfortunately present; for example, the Elesse is designed to be as comfortable, safe, and easy to use as possible.

The Elesse manages to reap many of the benefits of a traditional stairlift, but has much of the functionality of a full sized 'passenger' lift.

Why choose the Elesse?

A Stairlift Alternative

The Wessex Elesse is designed specifically to handle things a stairlift can't. It keeps your staircase free of obstruction, it is easier to use, and arguably more comfortable to use than a stairlift.

A Passenger Lift Alternative

The Elesse benefits from its smaller footprint. It's easier to install, easier to remove, easier to maintain, and less costly than a full sized passenger lift, whilst maintaining a lot of the benefits of one.

Through-Floor Lift Excellence

Although it is designed to be an alternative to the stairlift and the passenger lift, the Elesse is also an excellent through-floor lift in its own right. Designed with premium materials, longevity in mind, and with it being highly customisable, this lift can make a nice addition for anyone looking to future-proof their home.


  • Space conscious design, 0.9 sq. metre footprint!
  • Capacity: One or two standing or perched passengers, up to 250kg weight limit
  • Minimal building work required
  • Free standing tracks eliminate the need for a load-bearing wall, wider choice of lift locations
  • Wireless controls as standard, and high spec internal push button controls
  • Power operated door as standard, and door interlocking safety mechanism


  • Door can be handed right or left to suit the user and the room
  • Leather perch seat is available
  • Interior and Exterior of the lift totally customisable with custom colours and materials

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