Wessex VE Through Floor Enclosed Home Lift

Our Most Feature Packed Through-Floor Experience

The VE builds upon the already wide range of features the VM offers, with the additional functionality of being able to carry standing passengers, or multiple occupants, between floors. Since its release, the VE has since become popular internationally.

Despite its wide array of features, the VE is designed to be compact, easy to install, and perfectly suited to the home.

Why choose the VE lift?

Enclosed Car Design

The VE's enclosed design offers great benefits to the user. For example, the VE can safely carry multiple passengers, and it can carry standing passengers. But it hasn't forgotten its roots, and it can still carry seated passengers with an internal seat option, and it can comfortably carry wheelchairs and passengers.

Designed For Independence

One of the VE's most important traits is that it is designed to offer independence in your home. The internal controls are designed to be easy to use, and if they are not suitable, other control options are available. Almost anyone can use a VE totally unaided, and because of its enclosed design, carers can accompany the user in the lift if required.


Easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain, the VE is just... easy! This makes it perfectly suited to the home, as it can be installed and operated with minimal impact to normal everyday lifts.

With a sensitive and subtle design, it will fit in perfectly to any home.


  • Allows a parent to travel with a child
  • Free standing; no wall required
  • Speedy installation (1-2 days)
  • Can transport a wheelchair user and carer
  • Functionally designed
  • Door interlocking safety mechanism
  • Power door


  • Travel Up To 3.5m
  • Add an interior seat
  • Customisable internal colour options
  • Upgradable interior lighting

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